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Liz Snider, Designer for Greater Omaha Area

William A Ingram MD PC website designed/developed by Liz | - Web Design and Development

William A Ingram MD. PC Website

A website designed for Omaha Otolaryngologist William A Ingram's newly opened practice. This site is purely CSS based, mostly static content. An Ajax contact form was included and Google Map was embedded.

I took the project because I used to work with Dr. Ingram's wife Marilyn. 


Wedding Invitation designed by Liz | - Graphic Design

Wedding Invitation and Thank-You Card Design

Of course I designed my own wedding invitation and Thank-you cards. And Made the DVD. And made the wedding cake. After all, they were most likely "once and only" thing I'd do.

Hydracaddy Website designed/developed by Liz | - Web Design

Hydracaddy Website

Website designed/developed for Hydracaddy (July/August 2010). Hydracaddy is a local company who designs and sells patent personal hydration system for golfers. I used Wordpress as platform along with plugins as Mailchimp, Twitter and photo gallery as the owner would like to be able to add content by themselves, launch email compaigns and stay in touch with potential users with social media. For the look and feel, I used a mail golfer illustration to draw attention to the product, as well as add a trendy, urban and energitic feeling to the site. Some ecommerce functions will be added once the products are available for sale. I also involved in helping the company to get the product produced. 


Who I Am

My name is Liz Snider. I am a graphic designer, web designer/ developer and interactive/ interface designer located in Nebraska, USA. I consider myself a combination of designer and programmer. My goal is to move your ideas forward by my design. I'm currently available for freelance projects and part-time / full-time telecommute positions.